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Commercial Lighting

In the world of business, a penny saved is a penny earned, and saving a small amount of money here and there could mean huge savings at the end of the day.

If you’re a business owner, you are always looking to make your business as efficient as possible, and you’re always looking to save where you can. So, where can you cut back? How do you keep your wallet fat, without sacrificing quality? You know that the survival of your business depends on keeping current with the latest and most efficient technology, and you’re beginning to wonder if you’re spending more than you need to on your lighting. Is it time for an upgrade?

As a leading electrical contractor in Montreal area, we at GRP Nortek are here to show you where you can save and make your commercial business a brighter and more visually appealing space.

Montreal’s area choice for commercial, industrial lighting

At GRP Nortek, we have provided many costumers with efficient commercial, industrial and specialize lighting solutions since 2011. We offer a wide range of LED fixtures, including strip fixtures, recessed lighting, high bays and low bays, canopy lights and lamps. We have provided our lighting installation services for office buildings, educational institutions, retail stores, warehouses, car dealerships, restaurants and more. We know what works best where and will be by your side to go over the many options available to you.

How much can you save?

Here at GRP Nortek, we are committed to becoming a partner in your company’s success, and we know a huge part of that success is based on savings. With an electrical upgrade from us, you will save a significant amount of money on your monthly utility bills.

Want to know more!

Give us a call today to schedule an onsite evaluation and to learn about the many energy- and cost-saving benefits that come with LED lighting. We are looking forward to the opportunity to work with you!

Lighting Service Provided:

  • Commercial LED lighting installation
  • Industrial LED lighting installation
  • Road and parking LED lighting installation
  • Maintenance and relamp of HID, HPS other light systems
  • Professional photometric measurement of your lighting system
  • 3D simulation including all light levels
  • Detail quote of costs for replacement of your present lighting system
  • Return on investment ROI for the proposed LED system

Qualified electricians provide emergency repairs

Fully insured and bonded, GRP Nortek electricians are available on call, 24/7, for emergency repairs when prompt response to any electrical emergency is crucial.

Call (450) 963-4777 for immediate assistance in the case of any suspected power problems.

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Electrical Services:

  • Electrical Maintenance
  • Electrical Entrance Upgrades
  • Electrical Panel & Entrance upgrades
  • Assessment and Correction of Code Violations
  • Installation of Emergency Generators
  • Installation maintenance of Lighting systems
  • Remediation and Installation of Circuit Breakers
  • Repair and Installation of all kind of electrical Systems
  • Wiring Upgrades and Repair
  • Electrical Inspections

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